8 Garage Sale Finds That Could Secretly Be Worth a Ton

Antique Christmas Ornaments:

German-made glass-blown "kugels" from the 19th century can be worth $50 to over $1,000, recognized by their vibrant colors and fruit shapes.


While rare, valuable artwork like a Jackson Pollock painting can be discovered at yard sales. Investing in art might lead to a blockbuster find.


Vintage toys like Lite-Brites and first-edition Barbies (1959) can fetch high prices. A Barbie No. 1 in a zebra-striped bathing suit is valued at $8,000.


You probably won't find a $35M Gutenberg Bible at a yard sale, but rare, valuable books can still be discovered and resold for a significant profit.


The resale market for athletic shoes, especially Nike Air Jordans, is booming. Rare pairs like the Jordan 1 Retro Legends of Summer Red Glitter have resold for $7,000.


Antique pottery can be incredibly valuable. A 1,000-year-old Chinese bowl bought for $3 at a yard sale sold for over $2 million at auction.


Yard sales can yield hidden treasures, like a ring with a 27-carat diamond bought for a few dollars, later appraised at $850,000.

Comic Books:

Vintage comic books, particularly those featuring Superman's first appearance, can be extremely valuable, with some reselling for millions of dollars.