8 Makeup Tips for People Whose Eyes Are Always Watering

Use Eye Drops Before Makeup

Prevent watery eyes and discomfort by applying eye drops before makeup application to soothe and hydrate the eyes.

Start Your Makeup Routine With the Eyes

Begin your makeup routine by focusing on the eyes to safeguard your base against potential damage from watery eyes.

Prime and Prep the Eyes Well

Prepare your eyes with hydrating under-eye cream and a waterproof base to prolong makeup wear and minimize irritation.

Try Some Vaseline

Apply a small amount of Vaseline near the watering area to create a protective barrier and prevent tears from ruining your makeup.

Choose Hypoallergenic Makeup Options

Opt for hypoallergenic eye makeup to reduce the risk of allergic reactions that can lead to watery eyes.

Stay Away From the Waterline and Lower Lashes

Avoid applying makeup on the waterline and lower lashline to prevent clogging oil glands and smudging.

Keep Tissues Handy

Keep tissues nearby to quickly address any tears and maintain the integrity of your makeup look.

Avoid Under Eye Powder

Skip under-eye powder to prevent accentuating fine lines and absorbing tears, opting for setting spray instead for a tear-proof finish.