Jamie Foxx returns to 'Beat Shazam' Tuesday on Fox 32

Jamie Foxx has triumphantly returned to television after a year-long hiatus due to health concerns, gracing the new season of FOX s popular music competition "Beat Shazam."

Foxx, who took time off to address undisclosed health issues, is back on screen, bringing his signature energy and charisma to the show. In an exclusive interview, his co-host and daughter

Corinne Foxx, sat down with FOX 32 Entertainment Reporter Jake Hamilton to discuss her father s return. Corinne expressed her excitement and relief at seeing her father back in action

noting that he has regained his vibrant presence on the show. "When you take a season off, you never know& Is it like riding a bike?"

Corinne remarked, adding that her father seemed even more enthusiastic than she was. She humorously recalled observing him with awe, thinking, "Oh, he s good, he s great!"

Corinne went on to highlight Jamie Foxx s boundless energy, jokingly claiming that he was performing backflips a testament to his dynamic personality, though not literally true. "He has so much energy, he s doing back flips

well, he s not doing back flips. But he could if he needed it! That show is all my Dad s talents in one!" she exclaimed. This playful commentary underscores Jamie s multifaceted talent and the infectious enthusiasm he brings to "Beat Shazam."

The show, which combines his love for music with his knack for entertainment, airs Tuesdays on FOX 32, promising viewers a vibrant and engaging experience with Foxx back at the helm.